Mezcal Is Officially The Best Drink In The World

Yes folks you heard it here. Mezcal is officially the best drink in the world.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is a quote from Sergio Inurrigarro, president of the Mezcal Pro Culture Association and Mezcal Ambassador to the world: “It is the most perfect alcohol in the world!”

What’s that you say? He might be a little biased? How very dare you.

To be honest, the same thought did cross my mind. Worn down cynical curmudgeon that I am. So, I investigated this bold claim. Reached out to my sources…and guess what?

Mr Inurrigarro’s is right! Could not be more correct.

The Evidence

The Nutrient -Packed Agave

Obviously as far as I’m concerned mezcal is an amazing tasting drink. Each time I enjoy it is a great experience. The fact is however, we all have different preferences and tastes…apparently not everyone likes mezcal. Shocking I know.  

However, what is indisputable is the evidence that mezcal does contain properties which provide genuine benefits to our health. Also, it contains less of the nasty stuff that is bad for our health.

Over the years there have been many claims made about the health benefits of mezcal. The most recent report comes from a Chicago based institute dedicated to conducting scientific and sensory studies on alcohol. This is in fact known as an organoleptic study. It is not true that only epileptic organists can complete these studies.

The basic gist of this latest report is that due to the purity of mezcal – it must be produced using only 100% agave – it was labelled as the best alcohol in the world for human consumption, and it was noted that it is the undisputed most pure alcoholic beverage in the world.

As you can see Mr Inurrigarro knows his stuff. Those who doubted his claims at the start of this article are looking a little silly right now.

The fantastical plant that is agave contains lots of nutrients and properties that are great for us. Pre-hispanic civilisations were consuming it for this very reason. Smart bunch those Aztecs.

Mezcal contains something called polysaccharides which allow the body to process alcohol faster than other drinks.

In addition, here is a brief and not too boring or scientific summary of the reasons why mezcal is the king of alcohol when it comes to health benefits.

Mezcal Nutrients

Mice – Proving The Health Benefits Of Mezcal

Agave contains something called terpenes. They are basically types of essential oils and are credited with giving us the magical feeling we experience when drinking mezcal.

The following is a list of the various terpenes contained in agave and what their role is in keeping us healthy:

Limonene – fights cancer, obesity and bronchitis

Geraniol – reduces stress and depression (according to tests done on mice – and apparently they were mighty depressed before the tests)

Citronellol – lowers blood pressure (also according to tests done on mice – citronellol and meditation have done wonders for them).

Farnesol – reduces inflammation

Agave is also high in fructans which are believed to aid with higher concentration of calcium in our bones. In addition, mezcal is gluten free.

These properties, along with the fact that mezcal is a clear spirit, result in the widely held belief that hangovers are far less nasty than that of other drinks. As a middle aged man who can now experience a hangover over a period of 4 days after a session of drinking beer…this makes me happy!  

Anyway, there you have it. I’ve just provided you with plenty more reasons to drink mezcal. Mezcal is indeed officially the best drink in the world.


Hasta pronto! 

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